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Frontline accountability and appreciation: The secret weapon driving awesome CX at Moxie

Customer Story

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Written by
AskNicely Team
Published on
Jan 27, 2024

Imagine a world where every frontline employee in your organization knew exactly what they needed to do that day to make every one of their customers a brand advocate. A world where they know exactly how they’re tracking – what they’re doing well and what they need to work on in order to deliver world class experiences every time. A world where employees feel genuinely seen and recognized for the work they do, and have a fiery sense of motivation to improve and impress every day.

It’s a world that’s become a reality for Moxie Pest Control.

Moxie isn't just your average pest control company—they’re a dedicated team committed to improving the quality of life for their community. Since 2001, Moxie has been setting the standard for service in the industry, with branches across the nation who prioritize customer experience and satisfaction above all else.

Moxie knew that the key to customer satisfaction and retention was grounded in providing experiences so seamless that their customers wouldn’t even consider looking for alternative providers the next time they were faced with a cockroach infestation or  termite issue. They also knew that the experiences their customers had were almost solely determined by the field experts out there on the frontline delivering the service.

To build a sense of frontline accountability, executives at Moxie tried using a spreadsheet system that would produce scorecards for their technicians. The idea being that if managers knew how their teams were tracking, they could provide further coaching to those who needed it, and recognition to those who deserved it. However, in practice, the system only caused headaches. It was a manual process which required upkeep, left room for human error, and took a lot of time. Their teams didn’t trust or engage with the system and the whole thing was a bit of a flop.

Enter AskNicely

AskNicely gives managers and technicians an automated, real-time scorecard view of how they’re tracking that’s fun, easy to use, and slots seamlessly into their daily routines. Armed with a new-found sense of accountability and appreciation, Moxie’s technicians are delivering more consistently awesome experiences, every time.

Everyone knows how they’re tracking

With AskNicely, each field expert has instant access to customer feedback which clearly shows them what their customers are loving, and what they feel needs to be improved in their experience delivery. On top of this, branch managers across the country can see at a glance how their team is tracking – who needs a pat on the back, and who needs a little extra coaching to reach their service standards.

The AskNicely leaderboard, which displays the highest CSAT scoring teams in real-time, has helped folks on the frontline understand how they’re tracking relative to their peer teams, and invites a friendly sense of competition and camaraderie amongst branches.

“One of the most impactful things for us is the live leaderboards,” says VP of Field Care Operations, Brandon Kinser.

Rylie Peska, Director of Marketing & Communications, echoes Brandon’s sentiment, admitting that she was blown away to discover that every field expert seemed to know their personal CSAT score.

We would pop into a Slack channel saying the first person to respond with their current CSAT score would win a $50 voucher, and within seconds, everyone's scores came in, and everyone was right. I was like, these guys are really paying attention”.

Moxie’s field experts knew exactly where they stood, and what they needed to do to improve, building a motivated team committed to continuous improvement.

It’s seamless and automated

Moxie had used various customer feedback and employee recognition solutions in the past, but had never found a solution that felt so intuitive, seamless and easy, especially when scaling across multiple branches and locations.  

Brandon explains, “In my experience over the last three years, we've done a lot of initiatives, a lot of new programs and what I found is anything that requires us to manually update metrics and in any way, shape or form fails after about three months. Somebody forgets to update the metrics one day, the data becomes inaccurate, people lose faith and it just goes downhill from there.

The instant access to real-time feedback, live leaderboards, AI theme categorization and report cards simplify and streamline the measurement and improvement of the customer experience in a way Moxie had never experienced before.

Genuine recognition

As field experts are connected to real-time feedback, they can see praise from their customers come through as soon as they complete a service. This dopamine hit not only gives the frontline the recognition they so critically deserve, but also informs them as to what matters most to their customers. Since implementing AskNicely, field experts are recognized and appreciated every day for little wins, creating a workplace where employees feel genuinely valued and seen for the work they do. Plus, branch managers can easily see which field experts are scoring the highest CSAT and NPS scores, so they can give praise and promotions in the right places.

A customer centric culture committed to continuous improvement

AskNicely has created a culture shift within the entire organization. Field experts have never felt more appreciated, or been more aware of their impact on customer experience, which has created a new-found sense of motivation, empowerment, autonomy and accountability.

Moxie's team members are using AskNicely to spark conversations about customer satisfaction and experience. It's become a tool for reflection and collaboration, enabling them to identify areas for growth and celebrate successes together.

In the world of pest control where the actual product and service can only take a brand so far, customer experience is paramount. With AskNicely by their side, Moxie Pest Control is not only meeting but exceeding customer expectations consistently across their branches. It’s all thanks to a motivated frontline team who not only feel accountable for their customers, but genuinely recognized and appreciated – the (now-not-so-secret) weapon for driving awesome CX.

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Moxie Pest Control uses AskNicely’s customer experience management platform to offer the highest level of customer service to their customers.
Moxie uses AskNicely to provide their teams with feedback from customers after every interaction so they can identify areas for improvement.
Leaderboards show the frontline the teams with the highest CSAT scores in real-time to recognize positive behavior and help motivate other teams.
Their field experts are able to get feedback too, helping everyone improve all parts of the customer experience.

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