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My Boss Asked Me to Find an NPS Tool. Now What? | Ask Abby Nicely

Introducing an all-new, weekly series on the blog called "Ask Abby Nicely", where customer success manager Abby Castro answers your most pressing NPS questions every week.

Stop me if you've heard this one before.You get the email from your boss. "We need to find an NPS solution—like, yesterday! Who wants to lead the charge?" So you do what we all did when we heard about net promoter score, we fired up the Google machine and asked, "WTF is NPS?" Sound familiar? Are you still tracking with me? Then after months of soul-searching,  you did it! You found the best (and hopefully right!) NPS tool! But now what? Being assigned to find an NPS tool can feel like being handed 500 random puzzle pieces without knowing what the overall picture is supposed to be.  

But here’s what’s so cool about NPS, and especially about AskNicely: You get to paint your own picture.

I always like to ask new customers what their goals for NPS are, and it’s ok to not know at first.  That’s what we’re here for!  In general, you should start by thinking about what that customer journey looks like. Then decide what those essential touch points are.  Is there an account manager? A plan type? Location? Life cycle stage?  Think about it like this: What affects your customer? Who do they talk to? What kind of plan do they have? Is one plan happier than the other? Are all of our locations performing the same?These are all things that can affect your score.  They work like the corner pieces of the puzzle.  It sets the boundaries; it starts to make sense, it gives us direction!  Just deciding what you want to measure is a big accomplishment.  Here at AskNicely, we measure these in Leaderboards.  Take a look at how these populate after getting some feedback:

This is a great starting point.  Once you start getting some feedback rolling in, you’ll see just how these Leaderboards start populating and how your NPS varies by each of these factors.  As you look at your puzzle and find yourself freaking out about how one side of the puzzle seems put together and the other side looks more like a paint-by-numbers book gone wrong, it's important to remember that it's all just part of the building process.  So don’t let your initial NPS score freak out either.Baselines are precisely that, a base to grow on.  Take a step back, look at everything that you have in front of you, and soon your picture’s going to make sense.  Same goes for your NPS. Also, don’t hesitate to send any of your NPS questions to See you next week.

About the author

Abby Castro

Hailing from Oklahoma, Abby Castro is no stranger to hospitality — which makes perfects sense that she is AskNicely’s Customer Success Guru in residence. She braves the world one day at a time as single mom to our office dog, Aucklynn. Oh, and she was in a telenovela. No big deal.

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