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How Paul Sadler Swimland Canada Uses Customer Retention Software to Grow

We spoke with Alana Oldfield, UCX Coordinator – Canada at Paul Sadler Swimland, about how they use AskNicely NPS customer retention software to grow. Paul Sadler Swimland is a multi-location swim school that has helped babies, kids, and adults learn to swim since 1972.

How do you action NPS for advocacy?

"We send out surveys and collate the data weekly for all promoters, passives, and detractors. Then we ensure we follow up with detractors weekly. We want all customers to feel heard, but especially detractors. Therefore we set up workflows so that the appropriate person talks with these customers in person, or they receive a call from the Manager."

"We follow up weekly, in person with all passives. The Shift Leaders, who have a relationship on that shift with passive customers, follow up.  This builds on that relationship and ensures that a plan is put in place to turn the passives into promoters. "As part of our process, our Customer Experience Leader follows up one month later, with both detractors and passives. This ensures a resolution of any issues with the hope it helped change them to a promoter."

Please describe Swimland and its customer experience philosophy.

"Our goal is to offer a world-class, 6-star customer experience to all customers, from their first inquiry until their swimmer graduates. We love feedback and work hard on making our customers comfortable to share it with us. We want our customers to know that occasionally we don’t get it right and when that happens, we want to make it right as soon as possible."

Who are the influencers that inspire and inform your customer experience goals?

"Our General Manager sets the vision to be a business that delivers the ultimate customer experience. Our Site Managers and Customer Experience Leaders work to ensure our systems deliver a 70+ NPS every week along with an ever-increasing response rate above 50%."

What separates a good customer experience from a great one?

"Going above and beyond and having a point of difference between yourself and your competitor. Engaging with every customer from entrance to exit. Ensuring that our in-water product is awesome and consistent. Celebrating all the successes along the way. Ensuring that their time inside our business is memorable and that their family is the most important to us."

What's one piece of advice you would give other companies who want to improve their customer experiences?

"Follow up on the feedback, then follow through with your promise to make it right. It's great to get the feedback, but if you do nothing with it, it also sends a loud message to your customers — that you aren't listening, or worse, that you don't care."We consistently hit a world-class 70+ NPS and 50% response rate.  Our attention to detail with the detractors and passives has been key as they will continue to have the biggest impact on word-of-mouth recommendation."

What do you think are some wider (learn to swim) industry trends for customer experience?

"While your product in the water is important, our feedback clearly shows that the overall experience is also key. Developing relationships with customers creates customers who feel valued and listened to. If we listen as a business to what our customers are saying, we can grow and develop and get better at what we do."

What are the three critical elements that support you and your team actioning customer feedback?

"1. The Ask Nicely dashboard makes it easy for management at any time to get live access to what our customers are telling us."

"2. The easily downloadable data that can be easily shared with our team ‘on stage."

"3. The follow-up process we have put in place to ensure we follow up and check in that customers are happy."

What are the top three ways customer feedback has changed your business?

"1. Customer retention — when we address the concern promptly and “get it right," customers are blown away and will remain in the program as opposed to leaving disgruntled and we never know why."

"2. Customer relationships — customers believe that we care and are genuinely grateful for the follow-ups."

"3. Staff performance — we can quickly see if we have an issue on a particular shift."

What business impact has your NPS program had?

"We've seen an increase in customer retention from having real-time feedback. This has resulted in us hitting record customer numbers. Within months of having access to this program, it had easily paid for itself."

Can you share any of the tactics you used with AskNicely to get this ROI?

"We publish promotor testimonials directly to our website weekly so that those families looking at our website can see ‘live’ testimonials from current families. We’ve had great feedback on this application.

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