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Living Room Realty: Meeting Customers Where Their Obsession Is

Jenelle Isaacson, Owner and Founder of Living Room Realty in Portland, Oregon, used her punk rock roots to make local real estate actually feel local. She put together a team that was ingrained in the community — meeting people where they lived. Then she asked, “What if we talked to our customers like we talk to our friends?”

Unlock growth through honest storytelling

With a team in place that people could relate to, they started a blog and social media posts that told shareable stories of their customers and locations that surprised and delighted. This strategy built credible word of mouth.By sharing the story of a single mom who put herself through nursing school so she could buy her two kids a home, they helped people connect on a personal level. “If you can relate to that story, and hard work, and a dream for your family — we just built trust with you."

Selling houses, changing the world

Watch the video above to hear the full story on how Jenelle and her team have turned traditional real estate marketing on its head by both bringing their whole selves to work, and seeing their customers for what they are: real people with real stories.Big thanks to Jenelle for showing how sharing relatable stories creates customer obsession that can change the world at CX Obsession Portland. Stay tuned for more videos, stories, and details on our next event. Want to see a CX Obsession event happen in your city? Hit us up on Twitter @asknicely!

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Jenny Mayo

Jenny is AskNicely’s Marketing Coordinator. Her experience in both tech and hospitality give her a keen understanding and passion for customer experience. Outside the office walls, you can find Jenny hula hooping, crocheting unicorn hats for her friends, or walking her canine child, Stella (who may or may not have a tiny unicorn hat of her own).

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