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NPS Playbook: How Act-On Actions Customer Feedback

Opening the NPS Playbook: Cross-functional Customer Feedback Response Workflows

Your Net Promoter Score should never be a static number. It's the measure of your customer loyalty and a metric that customer-obsessed companies know will help them grow — if they can make the number go up. Over the next few months, we’ll be opening pages from various brands' NPS Playbooks to give you insights.

Action Your Feedback

Earlier we talked about how to improve your score. The best way to improve your score is to get your customers’ feedback. That means all of your feedback — not just the detractors. Getting insights into different customer experiences (onboarding, delivery time, customer service, products, and even contracts) and your NPS results can help you see what is working and where you might have turned a passive into a promoter.How do you do that? Automate your NPS so that the right information gets to the right person at the right time. With cross-functional workflows, you can assign an appropriate department or person to reach out at any level of happiness to drive results. Let’s look at how one company’s NPS playbook uses cross-functional workflows to action of all the feedback — promoters, passives and detractors.

Nina Church-Adams, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Act-On Software, shared some top tips from Act-On including their cross-functional customer feedback response workflows: 1. Customer Support responds to Detractors to address their pain points.2. Customer Experience Managers reach out to Passives to see what they can do to turn them into Promoters. 3. Customer Marketing engages happy Promoters to explore reference, referral, and advocacy opportunities. You can read her comments here.Using cross-functional teams to address your customer feedback at any point of happiness is a sign of a mature NPS program, and as the 2018 NPS Benchmark Study shows, the advantage of mature programs that action their NPS is not only customer happiness but growth. Want to see the other advantages to a mature NPS program?

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