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Love and Appreciation

Happy Valentine's Day! That, like love itself, can have different meanings for different people. Here at AskNicely, love is synonymous with one word above all else: Appreciation.  There’s nothing we love more than receiving feedback (good, bad, and ugly). It’s our core mission and how we continue to grow and enable better customer experiences across the globe.To that end, we're excited to see that our customers have taken the time to land AskNicely at the top of both the G2 Crowd and TrustRadius industry reports in the Enterprise Feedback Software and Survey Software categories.

Before we get too carried away with celebrating, we wanted to share three key reasons why (based on the feedback provided of course) AskNicely has made it to number 1:

1. The Un-Survey Survey Software

AskNicely is about collecting customer feedback without torturing customers with a long string of mostly pointless questions. It’s short, simple feedback collection means people know their time is valued. They actually respond and customers continue to give responses throughout their lifecycle, building a history of regular feedback.

“Ask Nicely is ahead of the game when it comes to providing a simple survey tool for busy customers! Ask Nicely is super easy to use and hits all the marks for making the survey experience easy while providing quick and useful data.

Read the full review from Cindy C. on G2CrowdOf course, being easy for your customers to use is only half of that not-so-secret recipe, we also connect all your other customer data so that small piece of feedback suddenly has a whole lot of context and relevance!It’s all that other data that really makes the feedback received through AskNicely actionable. And that’s the piece that customers come to love the most – because it’s acting on the feedback you receive that will ultimately help you deliver an even better customer experience and drive your NPS up over time.

“...It is used/operated by the customer success department, but the results and insights inform all of our teams! It helps us focus our attention and strategies in the right places to ensure we're always delivering value to customers.”

Read the full review from Jacob Pitcher on TrustRadius

“AskNicely allows us to segment our audience in line with our business objectives, ensuring we can optimise with our existing data to decrease churn and increase our share of wallet.”

Read the full review from this administrator on G2Crowd

2. A truly outstanding customer success team

Not every customer experience is unicorns, rainbows and 5-star reviews. Not every business is the same so we make sure that when our customers have questions or problems, we have the best team possible on-hand to respond to them.Our customer success team is passionate about what they do, and what our customers do. And that shows every day in their work, constantly going the extra mile to find solutions for our customers.

“The onboarding process was pleasant and seamless. Each team member we've dealt with has had a great attitude and have been very committed to helping us achieve our goals.”

Read the full review from Jake S. on G2CrowdHaving a really close working relationship with our product team also helps our success team serve customers better. When customers bring us new challenges, that dynamic lets us move quickly to adapt and grow the product to work for new use cases. This makes for a better experience for one customer and a more useful solution for all.

“Great customer service. Great solutions! Initially, AskNicely didn't automate with our client program MINDBODY. No problem, AskNicely developers got to work and made this happen for us!”

Read the full review from Luke Fuller on TrustRadius

3. Drinking our own champagne

We use our own software to build a culture that’s fueled by customer feedback.From the dashboards on the wall to customer feedback in our Slack channels and our Salesforce integration, we ensure that the customer feedback is visible to every person in our business. our customers are always top of mind.It's that dedication to our customers and their experience, that listening and continually refining the product and our way of doing business that gives our customers something to talk about on review platforms.

“We evaluated countless NPS platforms, and AskNicely stood well above the field. Our customers have commented on our survey, it's simplicity and professionalism. The marketing value alone is immense.”

Read the full review from Brent R. on G2CrowdAnd the best thing about this is, it's really quite simple. A customer-obsessed culture comes naturally when feedback is front and center in your entire organization.  Want to be at the top of the leaderboard for your industry? Let’s have a chat about how you can build a customer-obsessed culture too.

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AskNicely recognized in Enterprise Feedback Management based on user reviews
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Aaron is the Co-Founder and CEO of AskNicely and one-time undefeated boxer (because it was only one time). He's a passionate evangelist for the new religion of advocacy but when he’s not spreading the gospel of NPS, he’s spending time with his lovely family. Or binge-watching Rocky movies.

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