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Put customer feedback at the heart of your business to create the best experience for every customer, every time.

  • Build and launch customer surveys in minutes
  • Drive positive reviews & close the loop on negatives
  • Get insights your team can actually act on

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Identify experience gaps

On average a services company will see as much as a 57 point NPS variance between the highest and lowest rated team/staff. Uncover blindspots and inconsistencies in your customer experience to pinpoint where to focus your efforts.

Action feedback instantly

Collecting feedback is easy. Making meaningful, measurable changes within your business is hard - especially when your services rely on human performance.

Close the loop quickly by automatically routing feedback or launching customer retention plays. Choose from a set of best practice templates or customize your own.

Motivate your team to improve CX

When your product is your people it can be hard to drive consistency across all touchpoints. With AskNicely, it's easy to involve your entire team in achieving your CX objectives.

Catch your people doing the right things and reward them with recognition for a job well done. Equip your management team with employee-specific report cards to spot who needs coaching and exactly how to help them succeed.

Drive more reviews, effortlessly

For services businesses, word of mouth is the #1 influencer of purchasing decisions. Automate your way to more 5-Star reviews by asking your happiest clients for a referral at exactly the right time.

"Using AskNicely has transformed how we work with our field service team. We have already seen a dramatic rise in our lowest performers toward our best performers leading to a 28 point NPS increase."

Dane Dellenbach, Sr Director of Strategy and Innovation, Aptive


800+ five star reviews for a reason

Comprehensive, not complex

Analyze scores of customer comments in seconds. AI automatically categorizes your customer feedback into the themes that matter for your business and bubbles it up in a super simple dashboard everyone in your business can understand.

Industry leading response rates

Unlike other surveys, AskNicely deploys a novel incremental question method that captures each response one at a time. The result? Higher response rates, a more enjoyable survey experience and more data you can put to work to tune your business.

Automation to get results fast

Create workflows to send templated responses based on rules you define, or trigger actions in your CRM, helpdesk app or Slack. Automatically drive reviews, referrals and better customer relationships.

Insights that are actually useful

Compare locations, teams, segments and more to spot trends that require action. See what separates your best teams from the rest, and develop a blueprint for everyone to follow.

Frictionless survey distribution

Customizable email, web, SMS or in-app surveys that your customers will actually enjoy answering.

40+ integrations to leading systems

Integrate in minutes, keep your team updated, create workflows and trigger surveys automatically from Salesforce, Intercom, Hubspot, Slack and more.

Capture voice of the customer your way

Net Promoter Score is an essential metric used to determine the strength of a customer's loyalty. NPS can be more actionable than other metrics as it segments customers into promotors and detractors - pinpointing areas for improvement or opportunities to drive advocacy and reviews.

Relational NPS surveys are sent to customers on a scheduled basis to take a "pulse" of the overall customer relationship. While transactional NPS surveys are triggered by a specific interaction and gauge satisfaction with a particular element of your business.

A Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) will show you how satisfied your customers are with your product, service, interaction or overall business. CSAT surveys are best used when related to specific transactions rather than the overall feeling relative to your business.

CSAT surveys provide specificity and versatility. You’re able to tailor the question to be more relevant depending on who and when you're asking. You're also able to see how customers feel about your business after a certain interaction which can highlight which need improvement.

A Customer Effort Score (CES) is a metric that enables service organizations to measure the ease of customer interaction and resolution with the idea being that customer loyalty is often tied to the amount of effort it takes for the customer to interact with your brand.

The best advantage of CES surveys, according to Gartner research, is that 94% of consumers who report their interactions with a brand as “low effort” will buy again. Conversely, 81% of the customers who had a hard time solving their problems reported an intention to spread negative word of mouth.

5-star can be an effective customer experience metric when the customer understands the process and it can be used to drive higher response rates. They can be used at any point in the customer journey and be clearly understood but is not ideal for measuring overall loyalty or for insight across the entire customer journey.

With AskNicely you can craft custom scorecards to inform you on the performance of specific teams to enable coaching and management of performance on a daily basis. These scorecards are often related to your service standards - higher level business topics that your customers care about like "professionalism" or "responsiveness." By adding these types of questions to your survey you can capture real-time insights personalized to your team.

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