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NPS Benchmarks

NPS Benchmarks for 2018: Results and Reactions Webinar

NPS Benchmarks are increasingly of interest. However, it's not just  about “what is a good NPS score?” Advanced NPS users know the most value is had by taking the score out of the boardroom and straight to the frontline staff. So, what does that winning process unlock for them?

New research shows it can increase a company's likelihood of net-negative churn and faster revenue growth.

What do they know that you don’t? What you may know is that Net Promoter Score is widely renowned as the measure of customer loyalty. Traditionally, NPS was collected and considered once a year amongst a small group and wasn’t readily actioned. What advanced NPS users know is how to automate and act on their information daily, empower their staff, and use customer insights to retain more customers and grow their revenue. This customer-fueled approach to business growth has evolved into a culture shift. Brands that embrace NPS best practices are unlocking hyper growth and accelerated advocacy. Watch this exclusive webinar, where our panel will break down the results of the 2018 NPS Benchmark Study. Get insights, reactions, and predictions that are sure to help you create a competitive, customer-experience advantage. Watch Now!

You will learn:

  • NPS score, response rate, and growth/churn trends by industry. Focusing exclusively on SMB/Mid-Market size companies
  • The 5 characteristics of an Advanced NPS Program, and why having one doubles your chances for hypergrowth
  • Real-world examples of how to best take action on feedback, and what happens when you don’t!
  • Which job functions use NPS as part of operations

Who should attend:

  • Customer Success, Customer Experience, Marketing, Operations, and Product leaders looking to use NPS strategically to drive business growth
  • Teams looking to take their NPS program from basic to advanced
  • Individual NPS program owners looking for tips and tricks on how to execute and what to expect from advanced programs


Nina Church-Adams Sr. VP of MarketingAct-On Software Leah Chaney VP of Customer SuccessAskNicely Mitchell HansonVP of MarketingAskNicely Annie Woo Senior Vice President, Consumer ServiceMINDBODY, Inc.


Erik Linask Group Editorial DirectorTMCnet

2018 NPS Benchmark Study:Results and Reactions Webinar

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