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The Golden Rule For Growth: Be Nice

Business survival and success are inextricably connected to growth. This makes finding new avenues to accelerate growth a high priority. While many go-to strategies and tactics employed today are rooted in shrewdness and sheer cunning, what if the next disruptive idea is simply to be nice?

Growing Your Business Needs to be More Than “Going Viral”

CEOs, COOs and CMOs are all looking for ways to grow their business. “We have to go viral” seems to be the battle cry. Companies spend a lot of time and money in an attempt to expand the business rapidly. But the truth is growth is more than a viral campaign.Growth is a team effort. Traditionally, growth is the domain of marketers, developers, engineers and product managers.  But the customer success team should be included. Here's why:Growth is easier and less expensive if you can create customer advocacy and retention. (Click here to read: Customer Feedback is Your Competitive Advantage)You make or break your business based on the experience customers have with your products and services beyond the initial sale. Ultimately customer success plays a big part in customer advocacy, retention, and growth.

Niceness May Very Well Hold The Key to Growth

What if, in the dog-eat-dog world of business, simply being nice is the best way to be disruptive? Remember customers and employees like to be surprised and delighted. Random acts of niceness often can be delightful. Empowering employees to go above and beyond provides the opportunity to create a culture of nice. By creating a culture that treats people with kindness both internally and externally, you create advocates for your business and advocates mean retention, better word of mouth, and growth.

How do You Measure The Impact of Niceness?

In today’s data-driven world, anecdotal evidence is not enough. You need a way to measure the effectiveness of being nice. This is where customer feedback through a simple one-question survey can really make a difference. Use automated Net Promoter Scores at trigger points in your customer journey. (Find out more from our blog post on 6 Tips For Planning The Perfect NPS Program.)

Automated NPS Creates a Better Path to Happy

Plansource — a high-growth Human Resources SaaS company with six locations across the US — automated their NPS and discovered insights into making their customers happier. You can read their story here.Growth is more than a viral campaign. It's having a strategy at every stage—idea, seed, product market fit, and growth and creating a culture of kindness is a strategy you can implement at any stage. It can be as simple as empowering your employees to make someone’s day, as Ruby Receptionists does. Make someone’s day today. You might just earn a customer for life.Want to know more about how to ask nicely? Click to button below and download the Book of NPS.

The Book of NPS

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