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CX Obsession

Ziba Design: Focus on the Internal Customer

We’ve got another dose of CX Obsession goodness for you today, and some good news — for our next CX Obsession event, we’re leaving our fair city of Portland and taking this show on the road! Where to, you ask? That depends on you — take our quick poll and let us know where we should head next!


Todd Greco is a Creative Director for global innovation and design consultancy Ziba. In Todd’s CX Obsession talk, he reminds us that sometimes you have to consider the internal customer, too.

FedEx came to Ziba with a need to mobilize their teams via tablets. Initially, the job at hand was to make FedEx’s existing systems and massive amounts of data available on mobile devices; Ziba quickly realized that wouldn’t be enough. After all, data does not always equal (useful) information. Rather than simply complete the job as requested, Todd and his team headed into the field to study exactly how FedEx employees did their jobs and what they needed to be successful and efficient.

By taking this extra step, the Ziba team was able to identify real pain points and design an entirely new product tailored to their customer’s needs, making their jobs easier. Watch the video above for the full story!Big thanks to Todd for sharing Ziba’s story at our latest CX Obsession event. Be sure to stay tuned for more videos, stories, and details on our next event.

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